The plus and the minus that bring friction.

The Storm is upon us. Not only in America but everywhere on the planet. The Aquarius purges are on!
That shift is coming. We can't help but be very happy about that. We have worked hard towards that. Each of us has helped to manifest this by doing inner transformation work. So this shift is going to unfold for our highest good! That is where our focus lies.
I would like to share something briefly.
A group of people who didn't dare or couldn't be awake yet, may have a hard time right now. The primal traumas can come to them more quickly. Guilt, shame, deep pain, powerlessness, deep fear, anger and you name it. The things we have been working on for years can be deeply triggered in this group and can want to come into the light of day very directly. This can cause deep suffering and lead to psychosis and other psychological pain because there are no handles or inner bed within which this right to exist can be obtained.
The truth about the horrible abuse of power by mankind, by the cabal. which is about to come to the surface, the great awakening, will be indigestible for many people.
There will be a collective field of fear, pain and tearing in motion from the people who did not dare or could not yet be awake. This will meet the field of light that others have manifested.
You will get a kind of friction and a new wave of energy, a new field will be released. That is a kind of shock wave.
Someone said it very nicely to me, you get a plus and a minus energy when these fields meet. Exactly this manifests a new field that contains a higher frequency. That is an energetic law.
This new field can also be experienced as intense for the highly conscious people among us.
The energy that is released when the plus and minus meet is part of the big shift.
This is the friction, the driving energy that is apparently necessary to be able to shift at all. This is a kind of higher mathematics and I am not good at it. But keep the meeting of the plus and the minus in mind and that this is a new energy field, a higher frequency! This will help to make the opening to 5D and higher. This is all about friction or call it movement.
Someone asked me, should I take precautions? I think the most essential precaution we can take right now is to keep tapping into self-love. This always on new, more subtle layers within your greatness and therefore on ever deeper layers within source, the source within yourself.
Embodying self-love and recognising your core of God more deeply.
Everything is about refinement and softening within ourselves now. Mastering our inner leadership. And from here, with all the tools we have gathered in our lives, others are near. This in the knowledge that the other may continue to go his own way.
Someone said it very nicely to me today. Every butterfly is allowed to come out of his or her doll when it is his or her time. Even when there is a big shift going on.
There can be strong polarisation. So the plus and the minus. There is no other way.
The warriors of light are asked to continue to train, refine and neutralise the muscle of self love and inner mastery. So inside and so outside. Personal and collective.
A lot of people are going to have a hard time because of on the one hand the high frequencies of light that seek connection in order to establish love more deeply in order to help transform and soften the shadow. And on the other hand everything that is going to come into the daylight and become visible on TV, because that is going to happen (not in the mass media) will be astonishing.
It's about this force field.
The open barrages have begun.
We have done a lot of work together in self-healing and by doing this we have set a bed of healing for others. This allowed the shadow to show itself. And now it comes into the daylight en masse.
We can thank each other for all the work we have done. Thank you very much! It was incredibly heavy, but also very beautiful. And now comes the shift we have been longing for! This is what we are on earth for! We are doing it.
We are going for it. We are in our power and sometimes we are out of it and that too is good. But we know the situation now. We hold the key to our sovereignty!
There will be open barrages that will shock many and there will also be turmoil among those who are awake.
When the shadow in its fullness comes into the light it can be confronting!
Together, hand in hand in the shift! In love!
There are for each other.
Where we go one, we go all.
In love!
October 4, 2020
Thanks to Agnes Janssen for the translation!