8. apr, 2020

Crystal master from Sirus. A multidimensional self.

It was February 8 th, 2010 and I sat down to meditate. In my hands I held my new crystal skull named Melchior Creaton. Immediately I felt I was drawn into a field of love for which I had no words and I entered it.

Within this field I saw a beautiful being.  It was very tall, transparent, full of grace and it moved in slow motion. In its tender, caring and embracing hands it held a transparent, etheric sort of crystal skull. The way it held the skull was of immense grace and integrity. Between this being and the crystal skull in its hands there was an exchange of deep love. It held the crystal skull at the same height as its own face. So they were face to face and between them nothing but love.. ... And what happened in the next moment… … The beautiful being started to slowly turn around. With the skull still in its hand. This was a moment of great mysticism and it felt like an initiation for the skull in his hand. As if it got his consciousness from the being. It kept on turning slowly. Then out of this turning around it handed the etheric skull ( its consciousness) over to the earthly plane, to the physical crystal skull on my lap. TO ME! And world of wonders this was an initiation to me!

Later on I had many experiences with this being. Finally I started to feel how I myself became that being. How I embodied it and integrated its consciousness into my earthly human soul. Weird to experience, but so true to me. Today, as I gained more consciousness, I realized that this being is a parallel higher self from me. A part of my multidimensional being is a crystal master from Sirius! It made clear why I am so passionate about crystals.

This parallel self of me helps me to program higher levels of consciousness into my crystals! And from there I sow it out to the world.

I am so thrilled to share this with you because we live in such a great time. Our parallel lives bring back the unity within ourselves and from within us they help us to create the New Earth! There is so much knowledge, wisdom and love within our parallel lives. Let’s bring our parallel lives home to our earthly human soul and let’s co-create!

Do you have any experiences with parallel selves? Do you want share them with me? That would be great.


Jolanda van Dalen