8. apr, 2020

Aquarius update 03: Two timelines

I love to share and with thanks to a new f book friend Jolanda van Dalen.

Aquarius update : From 3 to 5D...what is the meaning ...Two timelines ...

Yes, it's very confusing at the moment. One minute you're afraid it's gonna go wrong. The next moment there's trust again.

You know, there are two timelines mixed up right now.
Simply put, an old one and a new one. The old one goes on under the laws of cause and effect, that's the 3D reality. The old world is about fear, destruction, 5G and conspiracies.

The new timeline exists under the laws of Love and Oneness, that is the 5D reality. The new timeline is about ascending from life to how it was originally meant to be. And as we know deep within ourselves.

It is important that you can no longer look within it from duality to what is happening. It is about the unity principle! That is based on love. So it is about looking with the eyes of love at the intelligence of life of which you as a conscious, co-creating human being are a part. That which takes place according to a cosmic, divine order. Then you no longer stick your truth on life. It is very often coloured from the personality. That no longer works in 5D. That gives peace.

We are in the midst of the contractions of the new era and are asked to draw the timeline of love and unity. This for life. To enter into the fluid of life. Straight through the old 3D timeline, as it were. This is new and requires concentration yes, but at the same time it is so fantastic and joyful to be aware of it. It carries the promise of everything we have longed for and worked towards. After all, we can now manifest!

Every second we create our own reality. Which reality do you want to create? Are you building a New Earth? Or do you reinforce the 3D reality by sticking thoughts of duality on everything you see happening?

I thought about this week that I still like to stick my vision on the things I see happening. And I whistled myself back to choose even deeper for neutrality. That's how I give the intelligence of life itself a chance. So I trust in the ascent of life that seeks its way to the surface. Life itself carries such a deep intelligence. I can't help but trust her and give her the chance.

It is now important to observe whether you are reacting to a situation from the old duality principle or from the new thinking. And adjust your thoughts again. We have thought in duality for so long that it has become our second nature.

Take your time for everything and keep training your heart muscle.

You know, we have a personality, a soul and an overarching spirit. In 5D we live from the heart, the soul and transcend free will. For the personality it is no longer important to leave its mark on the truth as in 3D. Here the soul and the overarching spirit are at the helm.

It is fascinating and actually very joyful what is happening (I am not saying that it is easy ... ...).

We have concluded the Age of Pisces and are standing with the big toe in the Aquarian Age. A totally new way of thinking and living is on the threshold.

The old world is disintegrating and a new one is forming powerfully. With us as co-creators. What a special time to be here together on this beautiful planet.

This great plan is unparalleled.

And yes, every now and then I too am frightened, but time and again I choose to return to love and find my way back into this wonderful plan of living. And I realize that we are assisted by beautiful earthly and galactic armies of light and by each other! And you know, we're not doing it that crazy yet!!!

In trust and loving connection.With thanks to Jolanda van Dalen
8 April 2020

Translation from my new facebook Friend Agnes Janssen.

Thank you for that