Healing ORMUS POWER's ormus line offers fantastic products to embody your own deepest essence, your authentic Self, ever more powerful and deeper here on our beautiful planet Mother Earth.

ORMUS is a food suplement based on Celtic sea salt to which energetic frequencies have been added.

This ormus is not extracted at full moon, but in special cosmic events such as eclipses and unique coopings of the planets.

What happens when you start using ORMUS?

Ormus initially initiates a process to make unique nutrients available to your body in the form of necessary minerals. We humans do not make minerals ourselves and must therefore take them through our food. Due to all kinds of causes (impoverished agricultural land, poor nutrition and so on) many people do not receive enough good minerals.  The body then extracts minerals from one's own body, for example from its own bones or teeth, which is very undermining and sickening.

Ormus provides your body with beautiful minerals in mono-atomic form. Mono-atomic means in a thin and therefore not in a compacted form. Just as they occur in nature in humans, plants, animals, soil, air, water and salts. For example, there are the precious metals gold, silver, platinum, osmium, palladium, rhodium and iridium. And the metal copper, nickel, cobalt and mercury.

A person with an allergy to copper or nickel, for example, can use ormus calmly because the metals in the ormus are not compacted, but therefore in a thin, ethereal form (the quintessens).

When you start using Ormus, you can quickly experience that you, as a vibrational being, are going to function at a higher frequency.

Ormus also starts a detox process due to the high vibrational level of the nutrative minerals.  In cooperation with your soul, the ormus will clean up what no longer belongs in your body and what you want to heal (physically and in spirit). You can experience this literally and figuratively because old complaints or emotions seem to be back. This is a good sign that the ormus has then started its efficacy!

Ormus will support you, through her own consciousness, to connect more deeply with yourself, with your essence. It is the spirit of the mineral kingdom itself that takes you by the hand and brings you into contact with your own original nature.

It is truly beautiful and moving to experience how the mineral, plant and crystal rich become your allies.

Ormus helps you get deeper and deeper into yourself and builds the bridge between heaven and nature.It helps you to embody your divine essence here in matter. Ormus is highly nourishing for both your physical body and your light body.

This ormus carries you to the 'next level'. It supports you to deepen your authentic life force and joy of life and manifest it as a human being on this beautiful planet Earth.

Ormus supports you to regain your birthright, your sovereignty and to confirm the connection between your heart and your pineal gland! And come home to who you really are!

These healing tools carry high bovis values. These are the values that make the life force, or the divine essence of a product visible. This ormus is so powerful that you need less per dosage than other types of ormus

The ormus products come in high-quality glass violet myrrh bottles with handy dosing pipette and are available in 30 ml and 50 ml.

The price for a bottle of ormus of 30 ml is € 15,00 (excluding shipping).

The price of a bottle of ormus of 50 ml is € 25,00 (excluding shipping).

The Body/Room spray is available in 50 ml and costs € 20,00 (excluding shipping).

The bottles are sent by parcel mail (€ 7,25). Price is for shipping in Holland. For shipment abroad the costs are higher.