This very pure tincture contains pollen from the pine that have been harvested for two weeks in and around the Soesterduinen in the Netherlands. These pollens contain more than 200 active, highly nourishing ingredients, including vitamins and minerals. This makes these pine pollens one of the most powerful superfoods found on earth.

Pine pollen brings focus and clarity. They carry the ability to penetrate deep into the cell structure and initiate a healing process. Pine pollen brings balance to the hormone system.

This unique gift of nature strengthens the connection with ourselves, nature and our soul.

A second unique ingredient of this tincture comes from the rose. The subtle energy of the rose brings healing and intense softening to those areas where we feel separate and where we experience old pain pieces. Rose soothes grief and trauma and helps to transform and release it from the body, from the energy field.

In this tincture, two very powerful plant medicines come together in a unique alchemical way!

In addition to the ingredients of the pine pollen and the rose, this tincture contains a number of other plant essences and a gemstone elixir. These support the process of cleansing the subtle energy bodies, relieving stress and manifesting a good focus. This tincture steadily supports the functioning of the pineal gland.

This unique, very pure tincture has been created with a lot of love, through a unique alchemical process, and stimulates healing on all levels.

Available a protective miron pipette bottle of 15 ml. The exchange is €25,00. Temporarily with an introductory discount of €2,50!

This tincture has a shelf life of at least 2 years.

Will be sent with letterbox post. Please ask for more information if needed.

Dosage advice:

2 or 3 times a day, 2 to 3 drops. Or as needed. Shake well before use!