Humanity is beginning to remember more and more clearly who it is by origin. More and more people are freeing themselves from the old matrix and reconnecting with the original UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. Within that, the separateness falls away and we begin to experience that ALL THAT IS is connected and does not exist outside of us, but within us! We are on our way to reclaiming our multidimensional consciousness! This is the birthright of every human being!  But what exactly is that multidimensional consciousness?

A brief introduction.

From my personal experience, a person has a beautiful, overarching oversoul and carries within it many soul extensions, or other, parallel selves. These selves all exist simultaneously in the present now-moment, so together with the earthly human soul. They may be in another dimension, on a different timeline, on another planet, within another galaxy or universe. This principle of the many selves enables every spark of life to simultaneously gain multidimensional life experiences within the great 'All That Is'. This is a grand concept with unprecedented possibilities that can make us dizzy! While you are just living your earthly life, everything is happening within your oversoul and you are doing other experiences within the 'BIG ALL'. And you may also be sowing new consciousness on Mother Earth from all your parallel experiences.

Divine essence

There are parallel selves that choose to exist from the light, but also selves that choose to live from the shadows. Both are chosen from the desire to gain experiences and thus contribute to the development of the soul and the 'Great All'. Can you imagine what an incredibly beautiful consciousness there is within your parallel selves? Here is therefore a great challenge for us to recognize, acknowledge and integrate these selves into our human, earthly personality. We may learn to reconnect with our essence. All these selves together form our unity, our divine essence and it carries the answers to the great questions we face as humanity.

My selves.

I myself have integrated a number of multidimensional selves into my humanity such as two beautiful, wise, loving extraterrestrials, a funny, tender elf, a crystal, an angel, a joyful dolphin, a wise whale and a tender patch cat, a bee, a deva and more. And yes, I also have parallel selves who wanted to gain experiences from the shadows, outright evil piers! However, these have brought me the most insight of all (there are experiences of this on the website. See my experience: "I am the dark"). And now we can bring home those selves that are important to us and integrate them into our human soul. From here, from all our own higher consciousness, we can make the New Earth manifest. This is pure magic!

The key

Our multidimensional reality is the key with which we can shape our human evolution in a purposeful and decisive way, step by step. First within the self and from here within the collective. This is already happening and this is taking a blistering flight at the moment!

I will shortly share more about my own multidimensional other selves and give tools on how to learn to distinguish your own selves. And I invite you, beautiful reader, to share your experiences with me, with us here.

NB.: For me, the multidimensional consciousness carries the new view of reincarnation. From my own experiences, all my 'previous' lives still exist. And then in the eternal now-moment and not in linear time, so on a next in time. However, at other timelines and within other dimensions.

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17.11 | 08:52

Och, Winfried. Je bericht komt precies op een moment waarop ik het kan gebruiken. Divine timing. Diep dank je wel, ander mooi mens! Heel blij mee! Liefss

17.11 | 07:56

Wat een mooie website heb je weer, passend bij een mooi mens ❤️✨🙏

18.10 | 07:54

Hoi Kel, mijn voorstel zou zijn om met de ROZE te beginnen. Bouwt eerst een veld van zelfliefde in onszelf op! En dan kan je een liefdevolle, krachtige nieuwe stap gaan zetten. Liefdevolle groet!

17.10 | 20:16

Ik heb geen idee met welke Ormus ik kan beginnen. Door 2 vaccinaties + energetische uitlijning + entiteit in huis waar ik logeer…; ik sense ‘paranoia’, welke Ormus om mee te starten?

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