A multidimensional life as a bee!

I sit between the seed pots that are in my living room.

The plants grow steadily. During the day I carry the pots outside. In the evening back inside.

Those plants can move me so much. Take me back so deeply to my own origins.

I'm silent. And then I feel how my body changes. I've had that before. Then I remember a multidimensional other self. That exists simultaneously in the eternal now. I have already remembered so many other selves. And integrated into my human personality.

I observe how I get antennae and transparent wings. My legs have countless cilia. And I fly over a carpet of fragrant flowers.

The flowers make a kind of sound. All carry their own sound. It looks like a symphony orchestra. I carry a pollen package on my back. And there is pollen on my legs.

I land on a flower. And give the best of myself. Fertilization of a flower takes place. I hear this as a kind of music. You could call it trumpet sounding. A joyful moment. Pure creative power.

I remember a life like a bee. I am everything and everything is within me. Everything is in you too!

I obviously know the whole process of sowing and harvesting. Apparently you know too.

Oh god, I'm taking back my full birthright. You too!

Right through the shadow. Everything is in us and we are in everything.

We take back our multidimensionality!

We come back in our connection with All That Is!


April 4th 2022

Meest recente reacties

17.11 | 08:52

Och, Winfried. Je bericht komt precies op een moment waarop ik het kan gebruiken. Divine timing. Diep dank je wel, ander mooi mens! Heel blij mee! Liefss

17.11 | 07:56

Wat een mooie website heb je weer, passend bij een mooi mens ❤️✨🙏

18.10 | 07:54

Hoi Kel, mijn voorstel zou zijn om met de ROZE te beginnen. Bouwt eerst een veld van zelfliefde in onszelf op! En dan kan je een liefdevolle, krachtige nieuwe stap gaan zetten. Liefdevolle groet!

17.10 | 20:16

Ik heb geen idee met welke Ormus ik kan beginnen. Door 2 vaccinaties + energetische uitlijning + entiteit in huis waar ik logeer…; ik sense ‘paranoia’, welke Ormus om mee te starten?

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